Why Sketch ?

I recently had the joy of meeting Adebanji Alade.  See him on YouTube and Instagram #addictivesketcher.

All his paintings are based on his ability to sketch.  He talks about his painting as ‘sketching’, making sketching marks with his brush and paint.

My last blog was about my summer sketching days, but since meeting Adebanji I am inspired to try and do a little something every day.

Sketches don’t have to be right – They don’t have to be good – They don’t have to look finished.

Trying to sketch my cat, she kept moving so I had lots of scribbling out and starting again.   Trying to sketch people – they move all the time so really I am just trying to get a quick impression.  I was even inspired to sketch the onion and garlic before cooking them.

My brain connects my eye and my hand when I am sketching.  This has to be good for my brain.

Use a pencil, use a pen, use any type or size of paper, add colour, or not.  It doesn’t matter.  It only matters that I do it  – often.

Everyone should have a go.  There is no right or wrong way to sketch so every sketch you do is a good one.


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